Inzagi clothing

inzagi boho

Inzagi was founded by Tizi and Tony Linney in 2005. Over the past 10 years Inzagi has been producing it’s own unique woman’s label, sourcing exclusive fabrics and styles from Australia and overseas. The designs and styles are designed to complement your wardrobe and offer timeless, fashionable clothing that is also fantastic value. Inzagi also stocks a fantastic range of eclectic accessories, sunglasses and gift ideas.

Amuse Society

amuse society

A love for the ocean and bohemian jet-set spirit launched Mandy Fry into a visionary career with leading surf labels before carving her own path and co-founding Amuse Society in 2014. Amuse represents the coveted beach lifestyle its founders embody, with a completely original twist. Rock ’n’ roll vibes blend seamlessly with sand-between-her-toes style, creating a signature aesthetic that screams, “That’s so Amuse.”

As creative director and president, Mandy and her team conceive and curate this contemporary ready-to-wear, swim and neoprene label in sunny Southern California, while channeling their rock-muse-on-a-beach-holiday. From there, the latest collection travels the globe, sitting in top retailers all over the world. After all, with Amuse, the journey is the destination.


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