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Amidst a new and beautiful landscape, the never-ending journey of our rock muse continues in the desert for our A/W collection. Eager for a fresh perspective, she discovers a world that is surreal and unforgettable. She lives for moments like this, reveling in the warm sand and the view of mountains in the distance, climbing on rocks to feel the breeze. Inspired by her surroundings, she wears muted earth tones and pops of colour that stand out like a cactus flower in the desert sun.

She is unmissable, a welcome contrast to a barren landscape, draped in soft, flowing fabrics, gauzy textures and patterns that pop against the blue sky. When the day gets cooler, she reaches for cozy jackets to layer over soft tees, a portrait of effortless style. She’s a rock ’n roll dream come true, and it’s the details that matter most: faux-fur jackets, ripped denim, embellished fabrics to catch the light. Her style still calls to mind long days in the sun, with skin-baring dresses that reach the ground in delicate florals and sun-faded colors.

She will never forget it: the thrill of the open air, the way the moon hangs low in the sky, the pieces that will forever be reminiscent of this place and its magic. The seclusion of the desert is humbling, invigorating. She takes a deep breath, then captures this moment in her memory to savour forever.

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